Relational sociology is increasingly spreading on the international scene. As it happens when a new scientific approach or paradigm attracts a growing number of scholars, researchers and practitioners, almost inevitably it gets interpreted and articulated in many and different ways. This is precisely what is occurring in a variety of centres for theoretical and applied research, not to mention many sectors of social policy, welfare services and best practices in applied social sciences.  The present international seminar (which follows on from eight previous seminars held at the national level, starting in 2004, based upon the relational sociology developed in Italy since 1983) aims to highlight the peculiar nature of relational sociology vis-à-vis other sociologies. That is why the suggested focus for the contributions to be presented is the idea of what it could mean to do sociological research by assuming the standpoint of the ontological, epistemological and practical concept of ‘relational insight’ into social phenomena. In pursuing this perspective, the seminar is intended to emphasise the rationale underlying the distinction relational/non relational  employed in the research field, so to be able to distinguish relational sociology from other approaches or paradigms that are only partially relational or are not relational at all. The seminar will be organised in three sessions giving participants the opportunity to exchange and compare views and experiences at the theoretical, methodological and practical levels.


Scientific committee:

Elisabetta Carrà, Family Studies and Research University Centre, Catholic University of Milan
Paolo Terenzi, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Bologna University – Secretary of the Relational Studies in Sociology Network (



Family Studies and Research University Centre, Catholic University of Milan
Department of Sociology, Catholic University of Milan
The Relational Studies in Sociology Network

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