Vol. 10, N. 2 (2020) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

La pubblicazione del Vol. 10, N. 2 (2020) della rivista Italian Sociological Review.

I contributi del Vol. 10, N. 2 (2020):

  1. The Interplay between Child Educational Poverty and Family Relationships: An Italian Project Based on the Family Impact Lens
    Elisabetta Carrà, Matteo Moscatelli, Chiara Ferrari
  2. Dimensions and Evaluation of Social Capital and Its Regional Distribution in the Slovak Republic
    Ivana Rošková, Martina Prochádzková, Slávka Klasová, Viliam Kováč
  3. Cultural Differences and Social Amplification of Risk of a Tourism Destination: Foreign Media Coverage after 2016/2017 Earthquakes in Central Italy
    Isabella Crespi, Marco Taibi
  4. Trust and Reciprocity: The Foundations of the Sharing Economy
    Elvira Martini, Francesco Vespasiano
  5. Urban Youth in Transformation: Considerations for a Sociology of Trap Subculture
    Uliano Conti
  6. Olympic Games as Mega-Sport Events: Some Social-Historical Reflections on Recent Summer Olympic Games
    Paolo Dell’Aquila
  7. Social Citizenship and Cultural Citizenship. The Role of Social Rights in Promoting Cultural Citizenship
    Luca Mori
  8. Migratory Moods and Temporary Employment of Students of Central and Eastern Europe
    Bohdanna Hvozdetska, Nataliia Varha, Nataliia Nikon, Zsofia Kocsis, Klara Kovacs

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