Pubblicazione del Vol. 11, N. 2 (2021) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

I contributi nel Vol. 11, N. 2 (2021):

  1. The Rise of Transparent Manipulators and Countless Trumps in the Age of Deep Manipulation: What Have They Done to Manipulation?
    Vlado Kotnik

  1. The Impact of the Politicization of Health on Online Misinformation and Quality Information on Vaccines
    Nicola Righetti

  1. The Influence of Religion on Life Satisfaction in Italy
    Marco Ciziceno

  1. Is the Kish Household Sampling Method Better than the Birthday Method?
    Vidal Díaz de Rada

  1. Stuck under the Rainbow? Gay Parents’ Experiences with Transnational Surrogacy and Family Formation in Times of COVID-19 Lockdown
    Salvatore Monaco, Urban Nothdurfter

  1. Woman, Body, Conception: Unveiling the Arcana
    Paola Di Nicola

  1. Nature is no Longer a Horizon. Towards Limitless Gestational Performance?
    Viviani Debora

  1. Body and Knowledge
    Fabio D’Andrea

  1. The Unfolding of the Simulacrum
    Domenico Secondulfo

  1. Marginal Glosses. The Body and the Imaginary in Durand
    Valentina Grassi

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