Rivista di Criminologia, Vittimologia e Sicurezza (RCVS) is a refereed international journal that seeks to publish high quality original papers in the areas of criminology, victimology and security studies. The Journal invites papers based on empirical research, theoretical analysis and debate, and policy analysis and critique.

The journal is dedicated to reflections on criminality, its victims and the problems linked to security which have become pressing issues in today’s society in the awareness that, despite stemming from different factors, they require integrated solutions in open contrast to any form of simplification or rigid dichotomy. Social transformations, which can generate new possibilities for life and development, but also abuse of power, injustice and violence, inevitably influence the preparation of those who have to deal with security and social control. Therefore, we think it is highly topical from a scientific and cultural-political point of view to provide a space where criminologists, victimologists, sociologists, psychologists, pedagogists, legal and social workers, social and legal science academics and security experts can compare notes in order to come up with strategies for operating in a complex and ambiguous social context, paying specific attention to the possibility of giving and giving back the ability to act to people whose lives are affected by grave situations that produce difficulty and at times desperation. From this point of view, RCVS welcomes also articles on the theoretical aspects of victimology without neglecting the importance for those who are involved in helping victims in various ways of the ability to build relations and to look at reality in a critical and innovative way.

The journal is published by the Italian Society of Victimology (www.vittimologia.it) that serves as a focal point for academicians, professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, fellows, and associates pursuing research throughout the world.
The interested contributors are highly encouraged to submit their papers to the executive editor via e- mail at redazione @ vittimologia.it.

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RCVS is inviting papers for Vol. 9, No. 2. The online publication date is September 30, 2015. Submission Deadline: May 30, 2015.
For any additional information, please contact with the executive editor at redazione @ vittimologia.it


Professor Dr. Augusto Balloni, President of the Italian Society of Victimology Editor-in-Chief
Rivista di Criminologia, Vittimologia e Sicurezza