The Department of Political Sciences of the University of Perugia currently offers a three years Ph.D. program in “Politics, Public Policies and Globalization

This is an interdisciplinary program dealing with the major transformations of today democracy investigated through the eyes of history, social and political sciences, law, anthropology and other approaches focusing on the interplay of different forces driving the changes.

The Ph.D. program is organized around three major research areas. The first one is the area of “Transformations of democracy”: it deals with the historical transformation of democracy, the evolution of political thought, the present problems of political participation, consensus building and public opinion, electoral systems. The following teachers contribute to the development of this area: Paolo Mancini, Gianni Belardelli, Fausto Proietti, Maria Giuseppina Pacilli, Alessandro Campi, Vincenzo Sorrentino, Giovanni Barbieri.

The area of “Democracy and New Welfare” investigates in particular issues of governance, welfare state transformations and human rights and their effects on the forms of democracy. The following teachers join this area: Ambrogio Santambrogio, Enrico Caniglia, Enrico Carloni, Stefano Giubboni, Marco Mazzoni, Loreto Di Nucci, Alessandra Pioggia.

The area of “Democracy and globalization” frames issues of contemporary democracy within a larger scope including multiculturalism, immigration, and the new state of international relations in a multipolar world. The following teachers contribute to this area: Fiorella Giacalone, Anna Baldinetti, Federico Zanettin, Manuel Vaquero Pineiro.

Applications for academic year 2018 – 2019 will be open June 22, 2018. The call will be published at . The selection is based on the candidates’ research project and on an interview. Students are required to have a good knowledge of Italian and English Language.