Writing in English is becoming more and more important both for studying at universities abroad and for pursuing an academic career, and international publications are generally considered to be more prestigious. This course is therefore designed for postgraduate students (Master’s or PhD) and researchers who want to learn the conventions of academic writing in English in order to write better research articles (RAs). Adhering to accepted conventions is of paramount importance for prospective academics, as in order to increase the chances your research work will be published and taken seriously, it must meet your readers’ expectations.

During the course you will focus on the structure and characteristics of each section of the RA in turn, as identified by research. You will learn how to write coherently and cohesively by deepening your knowledge of how to order and structure your sentences, paragraphs and sections, as well as how to consider and engage your reader, in particular via ‘metadiscourse’. You will focus on lexical formality and frequency, and learn how words appear together in ‘collocations’ or in longer lexical sequences. You will learn how careful selection of lexis and rhetorical devices can enable you to express criticisms constructively and without causing offence, how to describe your methods, and how to report and discuss your results. Time will also be dedicated to resolving typical problems with discourse, grammar and lexis, as well as to practice exercises, and there will be the opportunity to dialogue with the course leaders. Most importantly however, you will discover the tools to continue improving and to work autonomously long after the completion of the course.

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