15th Conference of the European Sociological Association
31 August-3 September 2021, Barcelona / Spain

Deadline: 9 August 2020
send to: esa2021@europeansociology.org
with “RS proposal ESA 2021” in the subject line

Read first – guidelines:
• ESA is very aware of the present challenging situation due to the new coronavirus. The ESA  2021 Conference will take place either with the full physical co-presence of all attendees, or wholly online, or in some hybrid mode combining these two possibilities.
• Research Streams are networks of ESA members constituted to give attention to specific research fields or thematic issues not sufficiently addressed by existing Research Networks.
• Eligibility: Only ESA members in good standing (= valid current ESA membership) can apply. Proposals must be submitted by min. 2, max. 3 members who will act as RS coordinators. All submitters must have different affiliations and come from at least 2 different countries.
• We expect several proposals for RS around the coronavirus pandemic. The Conference Committee, chaired by Lígia Ferro, will choose the 2 best and ask them to merge.
• The Conference Committee will take decisions until end-August / mid-September at the latest.
• If your RS is selected, the description from the submitted proposal will go into the overall conference CFP. For a RS to eventually take place at the conference, at least 2 sessions must be organised, meaning 8 paper presentations (2 x 4).

Send us a simple word-document and provide:
– Research Stream title
– RS coordinators (2 or 3, with full names, affiliations and email addresses)
– RS description (max. 250 words)
– Optional: information about the RS (max. 150 words): Clarify that the RS does not overlap with a RN and justify why it could not be a regular set of sessions within a RN? Which group of colleagues is supporting this RS? Has the RS been organised before? If yes, how many sessions/presentations did you have?