For this midterm conference “Urban Theory and Urban Praxis: Past, Present and Possible Futures”, we will first open a call for session proposals. After the list of sessions has been finalized, a second call for individual abstracts to be integrated into the accepted sessions will be opened.

Please send SESSION PROPOSALS to: until January 10 2020.

On February 20th, 2020 we will open a call for individual abstracts.

Call: Urban Theory and Urban Praxis: Past, Present and Possible Futures

Conference themes

For the sessions, while all submissions bearing on a topic related to the sociological study of past, contemporary, and future cities from a theoretical and/or applied perspective are welcome, contributions on the following topics/themes are especially encouraged:

  1. Classical and contemporary urban theories and theorists,
  2. Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary methods of urban research,
  3. Urban politics and urban actors,
  4. Processes of urban growth and urban restructuring,
  5. Urban stratification and urban inequality,
  6. Identities and subjectivities in the contemporary city,
  7. Urbanization in a global context.
  8. If the session you intend to propose does not directly fit with any of the topics outlined, please submit your proposal as an open submission in the submission form

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