Riceviamo e pubblichiamo volentieri il messaggio ricevuto da Manuel Fernández coordinatore del Research network 27 di ESA “Southern European Societies”

Dear colleagues:

The ESA conference in Manchester is approaching.

If some of you are considering membership to the European Sociological Association (ESA), we would like to remind you the possibility to become member of the ESA Research Network 27 “Southern European Societies”

When getting or renewing your ESA membership, click on the RN27 (it is just 10 additional euros to ESA membership). https://www.europeansociology.org/conftool/conference-registration

Remember that members of the RN27 are entitled to:

-Attend and vote at the business meetings

-Participate in the board and chair sessions

-Get discounts at both ESA conferences and mid-term conferences of the RN27 organized every two years

-Get access to the scholarly opportunities arranged by the RN27

We encourage you to participate in the vibrant and growing network of southern European sociology!!!

Here you can find information of both the latest mid-term conference in Catania and the organization of the Research Network.



In a few days we will come back with information about the Manchester conference and new opportunities for members.

All the best

The organizers of the Catania Mid-term Conference 2018

The coordination team of the RN27 Southern European Societies


PS: if you are presenting a paper at the ESA conference, please remember that the registration deadline for paper presenters is in two weeks, on 27th May!