Istanbul Quantitative Lectures now presents the program for 2015. As we did last year, we are offering one week (total of 35 hours) intense program. ISTQL 2015 program offers two courses this year:

  • “Structural Equation Modeling” by Professor Rex B. Kline from Concordia University, Quebec, Canada. Professor Kline is very well known by his books on Structural Equation Modeling , which has been translated and published in many languages. With LISREL, the course will cover both the conceptual and the practical aspects of implementing SEM and confirmatory factor analysis. (6 th -11 th July 2015)
  • “Data Mining with R” by Associate Professor Luis Torgo from University of Porto, Portugal . Professor Torgo is working on Data Mining and published several papers and books on the subject. Professor Torgo is very well known by his books on Data Mining with R , which has been translated and published in many languages. The course will focus on Data Mining using R and RStudio software and will include also a practical session for implementation. (6 th -11 th July 2015)

For the details of ISTQL 2015, please visit our website ( ). You may receive detailed information about the course schedules and find the application form. Please note that these two courses have parallel sessions. The organization is open to both students with required background and academicians who would like to widen their horizons. For the students interested in the courses, each course is worth 15 ECTS credits and as an addition to the certificate (if students would like to take the exam and pass) we also give students a transcript showing the credits that they have earned.

It is very much appreciated if you could also pass this information to your colleagues, researchers or students, who you believe that they may be interested in. At the attachment you may find the posters and the announcement letter. We are hoping to see you in Istanbul this year.