Teresa Consoli, ESA Executive Committee member 2017-2019

During the last ESA Conference in Athens in 2017, I proposed the University of Catania in Sicily and the Department of Social Political Sciences as a possible venue for the mid-term conference of RN26 Sociology of Social Policy and Social Welfare which was straightaway accepted. In February 2018, as member of the Board of the RN27 Regional Networks of Southern European Societies, I was also asked to send a call for proposal for the mid-term conference and I offered to hold it in parallel with RN26. With the two RN coordinators (Janne Paulsen Breimo for RN26 and Manuel Fernandez-Esquinas for RN27) we immediately agreed that the combination of the two mid-terms could be very productive and that we could also arrange some common sessions. As soon as the two midterms were confirmed I asked ESA President Sue Scott to join us and she enthusiastically accepted. I really have to thank our president for her support and competent presence before and during the days of the conference.

But the two RN mid-terms were not enough! Soon after the organisation of the mid-term conferences started, the President and Vice-President of the Italian Association of Sociology (AIS), Enrica Amaturo and Paola Borgna [1], asked me and some colleagues in Catania to host, in the same period of time, the mid-term conference of the National Association. It seemed tremendously arduous to connect everything but we decided to accept the challenge. From the beginning of April 2018 we worked hard in team with very cooperative colleagues (Carlo Pennisi, Simona Gozzo, Stefania Fragapane, Deborah De Felice, Maurizio Avola, Rossana Sampugnaro, Carlo Colloca, Francesco Mazzeo Rinaldi), with a strategic communications expert (Tiziana Longo) and with extraordinary students and volunteers (Ketty Gulino and Chiara Boscarino). We benefited from the financial and local support of the University of Catania, of the Department of Social and Political Science, of the University Center Laposs and thanks to RN27 we also delegated ISVI, a local Research Institute, for secretariat, registration and the entire administrative organisation.

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