The aim of the conference is to discuss the configuration of health and illness in the neoliberal era in Europe. In the social sciences, neoliberalism has been defined simultaneously as an ideology, a set of policies and programmes and a set of distinctive institutional forms. It also refers to a complex array of normative conceptions of agency and responsibility that are rooted in ideology and embodied in policies, programmes and institutional forms. Neoliberal discourse has strongly influenced the social construction of health and illness in European societies. For example, it has encouraged a focus on productivity, efficiency, individual responsibility, and arguably has brought about new inequalities, discrimination and victim blaming.

The conference will foster discussion of the impact of neoliberalism on the social construction of health and illness at macro level in terms of European or national health policy, health care organisations and systems; at meso level considering sub-national policy and the institutional level (regional or local health policy and practice), at micro level considering the impact on the individual level from the point of view of patients and their family as well as the healthcare professions.


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