No one denies the importance of trust in social relationships. Many scholars view trust as extraordinarily important because of its influence on interpersonal and group relationships. Our economic system is in many ways entirely dependent upon trust because if there were no trust there would be no economic transactions. Thus trust has profound implications for interpersonal and social cooperation. Without trust, societies really could not exist. As we all know, social systems are becoming increasingly complex and confounded, meaning that trust plays an ever-increasingly important role. Trust in interpersonal and social cooperation implies commitment, which is intimately tied to obligation, which brings into play basic norms and values at individual and group levels. Norms and values speak to expectations. Expectations are implicit in trust because past and present individual and social behaviors dictate how future actions will unfold. Trust becomes a coping mechanism for societal complexity as it helps to overcome the accompanying uncertainty characteristic of a mushrooming globalized social system.

The purpose of the Conference is to present current research results, discuss and exchange ideas by meeting together in one place during the most pleasant of Japan’s seasons. The Conference will consist of morning plenary sessions and three afternoon sessions on sociological (including socio-psychological) , political science, and organizational research fields.

The submission deadline for abstracts is July 31, 2017.

Please contact: Masamichi Sasaki, the organizer of the Conference, should you have any inquiries or questions.