W.I. Thomas and F. Znaniecki’s Research: Development and Future Perspectives for Sociology

About a hundred years since the five-volumes The Polish Peasant in Europe and America was published (1918- 1920), the text still stands as the very first masterpiece on sociology and research and the very first historical analysis on migration.

One century later, the text proposes, among other things, using methods that favor contact with the subjects being analyzed as a milestone in sociological study; focused, by the way, on understanding, explaining and interpreting reality, the structure of ethnic identity, values and attitudes, disorganization and demoralization, social and individual, subcultures, urban influences, interaction between old and new worlds and Americanization, deviance, relationships between individual attitudes, control and social constraints.

The aim of the conference (also in Italy) is a discussion, 100 years after The Polish Peasant in Europe and in America, on the persistent timeliness and historical relevance of the text.

Proposals must be sent to the organization of the Conference (thepolishpeasant @ no later than May 10, 2019.

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