The focus of the workshop will be on undertaking research in the field of Health and Illness for different audiences, focusing on methodology. Particular attention will be given to qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods with supervision from experienced tutors who are participating in the workshop.

PhD students and candidates who work in the field of Health and Illness are invited to present empirical contributions, conducted at a global, European, national or local level. Studies on contemporary issues in health research – e.g. body and health, mental health, health organizations, health inequalities, biomedicine, eHealth, ageing, narrative medicine, evidence based medicine, etc – are encouraged.

Number of places: We will select from 15 to 20 PhD students and candidates for the course. Eligibility: Students registered for a PhD in sociology or allied discipline in a European University.

Selection: through peer-review process. Because of the partnership with AIS Salute, a fair balance between different regions of Europe and Italy will also be considered.

Guidelines for applications: send a short CV (no more than 2 pages), an abstract (maximum of 500 words) and a scanned confirmation from your university signed by your supervisor by 17th February 2018 through phdworkshop.turin2018 @ .

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