The imaginary of environmental apocalypse

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The imaginary of environmental apocalypse

The imaginary of environmental apocalypse

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The next issue of Im@go is dedicated to the analysis of environmental imaginaries and, in particular, their emergency character. The anthropic impact on natural systems reconfigures, as never before, an apocalyptic scenario revealed by extreme events: cataclysms, desertification processes and rising seas, reduction of biodiversity, climate overheating and pollution of ecosystems.

To avert the end of the world, mankind seems to have to remedy its faults by setting out, individually and collectively, on a rapid ecological transition. In this path of expiation, the notion of the environment takes on the contours of a semantic reservoir (Durand 1996) from which moral orders and normative systems emerge. Thay are capable of ordering and prefiguring different spheres of social reality: lifestyles and consumption, national and international policies, the capitalist system, techno-scientific research and aesthetic forms. The imaginary of the environmental apocalypse has thus become a powerful device of social change highlighting a series of issues the journal aims at investigating.


Deadline: Deadline for abstracts: 25 September 2023 / Notification of acceptance to authors: 2 October 2023 / Submission of articles: 6 November 2023 / Final review: 30 November 2023 / Publication: December 2023



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