Pubblicazione del Vol. 11, N.1 (2021) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

Pubblicazione del Vol. 11, N.1 (2021) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

I contributi nel Vol. 11, N. 1 (2021):  

1. Family Value System in Transformation: Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Biserka Košarac, Ognjen Kurteš  

2. Social Representation and Assessment of Salespeople Personality for Job Performance: An Overview and an Italian Piece of Research
Riccardo Sartori, Arianna Costantini, Andrea Ceschi, Francesco Tommasi  

3. Intersectionality and the Subjective Processes of LBQ Migrant Women: Between Discrimination and Self-determination  
Giuseppe Masullo, Carmela Ferrara

4. Heterotopia and Postmodern Community in the Context of Migration and Relationship Towards Migrants
Vlaho Kovačević, Krunoslav Malenica

5. Realms of Shadow and Darkness – Lands of the Elsewhere
Adolfo Fattori  

6.  COVID-19: Rethinking Global Society
Francesca Romana Lenzi

7. Beyond the Disciplinary Sector: Theories, Methods and Topics of Latin American Sociology over the last 25 Years
Michele Barbieri  

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