Sociological Theory and Social Trasformations

A brief history of the Research network

La sezione è stata una delle prime sezioni AIS ad essere fondate. I precedenti Coordinatori sono stati: Carlo Mongardini (1986-1996); Alfredo Milanaccio (2002-2007); Vittorio Cotesta (2007-2013); Donatella Pacelli (2014-2016); Massimo Pendenza (2017-2022). Attualmente (2023-2025), la Sezione è coordinata dal prof. Francesco Antonelli. La segretaria è la prof.ssa Anna Maria Paola Toti. Membri del consiglio scientifico sono: Emiliano Bevilacqua, Andrea Borghini, Luca Corchia, Liana M. Daher, Romina Gurashi, Laura Leonardi, Dario Verderame.

Main theoretical and research areas
Since its foundation, the section aimed to promote a more general standpoint on social theory as well as a dialogue with the other sections of the Italian Association of Sociology (AIS). Our intellectual activity is fundamentally characterized by discussions on approaches that use empirical sociological research, both qualitative and quantitative, in relation to the analysis of problems and\or trends of current society, understood as a totality (Gesellshaftstheorie). The challenge is to develop the best contemporary theories of society in order to build up a general sociological analysis able to diagnose the pathologies of the present as well as exercising an orientation function, in terms of a critical and public sociology. Our scientific activities include workshops and publications on topics such as: social change and social theory; capitalism and the transformation of social relationships; new and old classics of social theory; the legacy of the founders; comparison and dialogue between Sociological Schools and sociological traditions (such as European and American sociology); social theory, Europe, cosmopolitanism and globalization; technique, science and society. The Section is also a room for promoting members’ works, supporting the internationalization of Italian social theory as well as the young sociologists to publish and divulgate own researches abroad.

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