The Methodology research network of the Italian Sociology Association intends to act as a point of reference for Italian scholars in the knowledge of aspects related to epistemology, method, techniques and tools of social research. The Section deals with studies on both qualitative and quantitative methods, with an interest to methodological innovations and to dialogue with other academic disciplines and sociological sectors.
On the occasion of the first founding congress of the AIS, in October 1983 in Viareggio, the adhesions necessary to form the Methodology section were collected. In May 1984, in Rome, after the presentation of the book "Meta-science. Reflections on scientific knowledge", the first Scientific Committee was elected, composed of P. Ammassari, A. De Lillo, PG Corbetta, S. Draghi, L. Frudà, G Gangemi, R. Scartezzini. A few months later the first congress of the section entitled "Methods for the analysis of inequality, stratification and social classes" was organized in Udine. From 1984 to today there have been twelve scientific councils and more than 60 Italian methodologists have been involved. Each Council has promoted numerous initiatives and has addressed various problems contributing to the growth of the section and, above all, making a fundamental contribution to reflections on the research methodology. The result of this work has been translated into numerous conferences, congresses, training initiatives and publications where reflections on methods and research experiences are considered the main and essential points of reference. Different, heterogeneous and numerous are the topics dealt with, which concern epistemology, methodology, the research techniques and analysis procedures of empirical material up to the most recent interest in big data and mixed methods.

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