Pubblicazione del Vol. 11, N. 5S (2021) – Supplementary issue – della rivista Italian Sociological Review

Il numero è dedicato al tema: 
Sport in the Context of Migration and Health Crises   

Curatori del numero: 
Nico Bortoletto, Enrico Michelini, Alessandro Porrovecchio  

I contributi del Vol. 11, N. 5S (2021):  

1. Editorial. Sport in the Context of Migration and Health Crises
Nico Bortoletto, Enrico Michelini, Alessandro Porrovecchio  

2. Sport Generated by New Media in the COVID-19 Crisis: An Analysis of Female Fitness Enthusiasts
Ivana Matteucci  

3. How COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown Has Affected Sports Practice  
Barbara Mazza  

4. Doing Sport Online? Managing Sport Training During COVID-19
Giorgio Borghi, Maria Caire, Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto  

5. Sports Brands Communication in the ‘COVID’ Age: Strategies, Representations, Identity and Consumption
Giovanna Russo, Loredana Tallarita  

6. Barriers to Sport Participation Faced by Ethiopian and Eritrean Migrant Women in Switzerland
Betelihem Brehanu Alemu, Siegfried Nagel, Hanna Vehmas  

7. (Unaccompanied) Young Migrants and Football: Mediating a ‘Safe Space’ for Enhancing Subjectivities Systems
Anna Elia, Valentina Fedele  

8. Matching Perspectives of Refugees and Voluntary Sports Clubs in Germany  
Michael Fingerle, Mandy Röder, Kim Olmesdahl, Jan Haut  

9. Promotion of Physical Activities among Underprivileged Populations: Researcher’s Discomforts during the Fieldwork
Anne Morillon, Arine Kassabian, Stéphane Héas  

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