Pubblicazione del Vol. 13, N. 3 (2023) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

Italian Sociological Review

I contributi nel Vol. 13, N. 3 (2023):

• How Can Companies Give Voice and Support Family Transitions That Risk Being Invisible and Silent?
Maria Letizia Bosoni, Sara Mazzucchelli

• Health Care Workers’ Attitudes Towards Social Robots. Some Empirical Evidence
Marco Carradore, Elena Bertuzzi, Naomi Bonito, Francesca Trivellato

• Mutual Learning: A Real Way to Cooperate? Evidence of More Equal International Development Cooperatio
Silvia Malacarne

• Creative Flows: Constructions of Meaning Between Binary Oppositions, Paradoxes and Common Sense
Simone D’Alessandro

• In the Name of Women. Comparing Gynecologists’ Discourses About Abortion in Italy
Rossella Ghigi, Valeria Quaglia

• Division in Gender Roles During the Pandemic Crisis and Smart (Agile) Working
Elvira Martini, Minou Ella Mebane, Luca Greco

• Pandemic in the Instagram Era. The Visual Analysis of Italian Mayors’ Communication
Tiziana Piccioni, Claudio Riva, Alessandra Micalizzi

• Body and Sexuality in the Struggle for Recognition: The Nature-Nurture Debate in a New Social Imaginary
Paola Di Nicola

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