Donatella Poliandri



Senior Researcher, Head of the Innovation and Development Research Department of INVALSI (Italian National Institute for the Educational Evaluation for Instruction and Training) and Director of the PON Valu.E Project, funded by the European Social Fund. Since 2008, she developed and managed all the different research projects aimed at establishing frameworks, procedures and protocols, which have then become part of the Italian National Schools Evaluation System, on which she contributed to organising as well as developing related infrastructures. She is Principal Investigator of the Research Project of National Interest “Evaluating the School-Work Alternance: a longitudinal study in Italian upper secondary schools”. She is a member of the AIS (Italian Association of Sociology) Scientific Committee - Education Section and Alternate Board Member of the research network “RC10 - Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management”, International Sociological Association (ISA). Her main research interests are: the methodology of social research, the evaluation of educational and school policies, educational inequalities. Regularly she publishes in scientific and dissemination journals on education and assessment topics.

English (UK)