Book Series on “Southern European Societies”

The aim of the book series on Southern European Societies is to conduct research in social dynamics, social problems, institutions and governance in the South of Europe. The books are intended to be authoritative projects addressing topics related to social problems of common interest for several countries of southern Europe. Projects with a comparative element will be particularly welcome. Comparative research between regions and countries of the South of Europe and other areas of Europe, the north of Africa and the Middle East is also welcome depending on the relevance for the topics under study.

The topics will be grounded mainly in sociological perspectives, open to interdisciplinary approaches and collaboration with related social sciences such as education, anthropology, social policy and others. The Series welcomes submissions on topics such as: social welfare, work and employment, migrations, education, innovation, political participation, gender and youth, inequalities and social exclusion, EU integration and convergence, European identities, social relationships, institutions and policies, among other key topics.

The books are expected to be of between 80,000 and 100,000 words, including figures and references. The series welcomes proposals for both authored monographs and edited volumes.

Supporting institutions

The book series is supported by the active collaboration of the Research Network on “Southern European Societies”-European Sociological Association and the RESU (the Network of Sociology Associations of Countries of the South of Europe).

Submission process

Book proposals should be sent at any time to the Series Editors or directly to the Publisher.

Submission guidelines:

Each book proposal is subject to a peer review process organized by the Publisher.

Call for “fast-track” feedback

The editorial team arranges two calls a year for providing “fast-track” feedback to authors interested in developing a book project. Authors wishing to receive comments before submitting a book proposal for peer review may send their projects to the editors by the following deadline.