Sono aperte le pre-iscrizioni per il XII Convegno Nazionale AIS (Napoli, 23-25 gennaio 2020)

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  • Nicolosi Guido
  • Sezione di voto: Processi ed Istituzioni Culturali
  • Dipartimento: Scienze Politiche
  • Ateneo/Ente: Catania
  • Note: Guido Nicolosi (1970) is Associate professor in Sociology of culture and communication at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Catania, Italy. Member of several research teams in national and international research programs, he has been working for the last ten years on the issue of Body, Technology and Society. He has been visiting scholar in several European universities and cooperates with the Critical Technology Construction (CTC) of the Wageningen University and Research (NL), where he got his PhD. He is member of the Research Committee on ”The Body in the Social Sciences” of the International Sociological Association (ISA) and member of the scientific board of the Groupe de Travail (GT) 41 of the French Sociological Association (AFS) on ”Corps, Technique et Société”. Nicolosi is associated member of CETCOPRA, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and fellow at the IEA of Nantes.