Pubblicazione del Vol. 11, N. 4S (2021) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

Pubblicazione del Vol. 11, N. 4S (2021) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

I contributi nel Vol. 11, N. 4S (2021):  
1. Studying the Digital Society: Digital Methods between Tradition and Innovation in Social Research  
Felice Addeo, Giuseppe Masullo  

2. Critical Optimism: A Methodological Posture to Shape the Future of Digital Social Research  
Enrica Amaturo, Biagio Aragona  

3. Conducting Social Research Online: Empathetic Concern and Sociability
Rita Bichi  

4. The Use of Big Data: Some Epistemological and Methodological Considerations  
Sonia Stefanizzi  

5. The Digital Traces’ Diamond. A Proposal to Put Together a Quantitative Approach, Interpretive Methods, and Computational Tools  
Davide Bennato  

6. Repurposing Digital Methods in a Post-API Research Environment: Methodological and Ethical Implications  
Alessandro Caliandro  

7. Digital Ethnography: A Systematic Literature Review  
Angela Delli Paoli, Valentina D’Auria  

8. Using Digital Methods to Shed Light on “Border Phenomena”: A Digital Ethnography of Dark Tourism Practices in Time of COVID-19  
Felice Addeo, Gabriella Punziano, Giuseppe Michele Padricelli  

9. Content Analysis and Digital Data: Methodological Solutions between Tradition and Innovation. The Case of Digital Campaigns as Meeting Ground of Expertises and Research Perspectives  
Maria Paola Faggiano, Raffaella Gallo  

10. Scripts and Sexual Markets of Transgender People on Online Dating Apps: A Netnographic Study  
Giuseppe Masullo, Marianna Coppola  

11. Tricked into Supporting: A Study on Computational Propaganda Persuasion Strategies  
Valentina Nerino  

12. Culture and Networks in Online Social Fields. Studying the Duality of Culture and Structure in Social Media through Bourdieu’s Theory and Social Network Analysis  
Marco Serino  

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