Pubblicazione del Vol. 11, N. 3 (2021) – della rivista Italian Sociological Review

I contributi del Vol. 11, N. 3 (2021): 

1. The Phenomenon of Memory from a Sociological Standpoint: An Ontological Approach in the Light of Maurice Halbwachs’ Work  
Veridiana Domingos Cordeiro  

2. Practices of Re-Appropriation and “Liberation” of Urban Commons. The Case of Naples  
Fabio Corbisiero, Luigi Delle Cave  

3. Getting Inked at a Tattoo Convention: Subjectivity and Belonging within an Alternative Cultural Heterotopia  
Sebastiano Benasso, Luisa Stagi  

4. Generating Community through Interpersonal Relations and Digital Media: The Experience of Italian Parishes. Quantitative Research – First Stage Results  
Lucia Boccacin, Linda Lombi  

5. The “5 Ws and 1 H” of Sharenting: Findings from a Systematized Review  
Davide Cino  

6. Social Robots in the Home: What Factors Influence Attitudes Towards their Use in Assistive Care?  
Marco Carradore  

7. Student Health Clusters Based on Health-Behaviour and Academic Achievement: The Hungarian Evidence in an International Comparison  
Karolina Eszter Kovács, Beáta Erika Nagy  

8. The Prejudiced Attitudes of University Students Towards Women  
Aydah Abutayeh  

9. Women, Research and Methods. A Short Reflection on The Chicago Social Reformers  
Giuseppina Cersosimo  

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