Pubblicazione del Vol. 12, N. 2 (2022) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

I contributi nel Vol. 12, N. 2 (2022): 

1. Assisted Voluntary Return & Reintegration Policies and Programmes in Four EU Countries: France, Germany, Italy and Spain 
Marco Caselli, Adjoua Alphonsine Kadio, Caterina Rizzo 

2. The Diversity That We Love. Commodification and Control of Diversity in Gentrifying Neighbourhoods 
Magda Bolzoni 

3. Towards a Conceptual Framework for Defining Iconic Brands: A Critical Review of Studies 
Anthony Okoeguale 

4. Urban Housing and Social Capital as Key Factors in Implementation of Recycling Policy. The Case Study of the New Recycling Program in Rome 
Fabrizio Martire, Lorenzo Barbanera, Federica Floridi, Federica Fusillo, Marco Palmieri 

5. Young Activists in Catholic Groups. Meanings of Participation Across the Boundaries of the Religious Field 
Carlo Genova 

6. Vaccine Hesitancy Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights from a Focus Group Study in Croatia 
Željko Pavić, Anita Dremel, Ljiljana Pintarić, Emma Kovačević, Gordana Lesinger 

7. Risk Perception and COVID-19 During Lockdown: Evidence from an Italian Sample 
Andrea Marchesi, Nicola De Luigi 

8. Social Change and Failure. Individual Actions and Systemic Implications 
Angelo Zotti 

9. Anomic Dependence and Corruptive Contagion. Regulatory Hypercomplexity and Social Fragmentation in the Mid-Global Era 
Annamaria Rufino 

10. Family Relationships at the Time of COVID-19: the Perspective of the Italian Sociological Review 
Paola Di Nicola 

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