Pubblicazione del Vol. 12, N. 7S (2022) della Rivista Italian Sociological Review

I contributi nel Vol. 12, N. 7S (2022):  

  1. Digital Social Research: Topics and Methods
    Angela Delli Paoli, Giuseppe Masullo 
  1. Epistemic Orientation for the Technological Future. Toward a Research Agenda for Dealing with Social Challenges of Internet of Things
    Enrica Amaturo, Biagio Aragona, Cristiano Felaco 
  1. From a Theory-Centric View of Social Research to a Data-Centric Approach
    Sonia Stefanizzi 
  1. How Does the Error from Sampling to Big Data Change?
    Cleto Corposanto, Molinari Beba 
  1. Geo-Social Media and Socio-Territorial Distribution: A Study on the Italian Case
    Antonio De Falco, Ciro Clemente De Falco, Marco Ferracci 
  1. Blurring Boundaries: Negotiating Researchers’ Positionality and Identities in Digital Qualitative Research
    Anita Lavorgna, Lisa Sugiura 
  1. The Potential of Digital Ethnography for Sensitive Topics and Hidden Population
    Angela Delli Paoli 
  1. Understanding Polarization Effects on Voice-Based Social Media: A Clubhouse Analysis
    Laura Caroleo, Giuseppe Maiello 
  1. Do Italians Communicate it Better? Exploring Public Organizations Professionals’ Skills in Learning Environments
    Nicola Capolupo, Gianmaria Bottoni 
  1. The Digital Role in Building Public Profiles of Political Actors
    Gabriella Punziano, Federico Esposito, Giuseppe Michele Padricelli 
  1. Digital Place Narratives and Content Analysis in Tourism Research
    Gabriella Punziano 
  1. Defining Hikikomori between Digital Migration, Ghosting and Cyberactivism. A Netnographic Study on Voluntary Social Self-Isolation in Italy
    Marianna Coppola 

  2. Researching Parenting in Pandemic Times: Tips and Traps from an Italian Experience
    Salvatore Monaco 

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