Pubblicazione del Vol. 12, N. 8S (2022) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

I contributi nel Vol. 12, N. 8S (2022): 

1. “Living on the Volcano of Civilization”. For the Thirtieth Anniversary of Ulrich Beck’s Risk Society 
Fabio D’Andrea, Andrea Lombardinilo 

2. World Risk Society and Ulrich Beck’s Manufactured Uncertainties 
Andrea Antonilli 

3. Gods of “Second Modernity”: Religion and Spirituality from Ulrich Beck’s Sociological Perspective
Antonio Camorrino 

4. How Side Effects Can Be Positive. A Reading of Beck’s Metamorphosis 
Fabio D’Andrea 

5. Organised Irresponsibility in the Post-Truth Era: Beck’s Legacy in Today’s World at Risk 
Maria Grazia Galantino 

6. Memories of the Future. Ulrich Beck, Risk and Prevention: The Difference that Defeats Indifference 
Mihaela Gavrila, Marco Cilento 

7. ʽIsolated Mass Hermitsʼ: Individualization and Communication in the Risk Society 
Andrea Lombardinilo 

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