Anna Lisa Tota



Eco-words are all those words, phrases and expressions that do not reflect any pathological form of communication. They are uttered with the intention of not judging negatively or discrediting the other, on the contrary they carry an authentic, sincere and pure intention. Eco-words are words that rebuild the silent but vivid connection between our subjectivity and the knowledge of the world. Eco-words are alive, vital, nourishing, they produce happiness and well-being wherever they are present. They have the capacity to create deep understanding and produce well-being in the person speaking and in the one listening at the same time. Eco-words are always embodied, which means they always both require and impose their corporeity on the content they are expressing, their being a product of the body, in and about the body. Yes, the fact is that words being uttered seem to be heard in a sort of magical dance by all the cells in our body and in the bodies of those listening. These sequences of echo-words are, above all, sounds capable of creating real micro-cosmogonies. As we speak and listen, it almost seems as if present, past and future were constantly coming undone and being recombined, as if, while we speak, these words were contributing with their shimmering sonorities to unravel one future scenario and forge another one in an ongoing alternation. Eco-speaking therefore also means following the principles of deep ecology illustrated by Arne Naess (2005) and consciously taking responsibility for the effects of what we are saying or hearing.