Editore:Edward Elgar
ISBN:978 1 78643 896 6

This timely book brings together expert scholarly contributions based on individual and institutional experiences of gender inequality in Europe and the USA. Featuring key empirical insights, contributors explore the ways in which gender produces differences in opportunities across STEM subjects in universities.

Leading authors in the field investigate and propose strategies to improve gender equality in academic environments by focusing on how to overcome indifference, cultural resistance and backlash. This book not only demonstrates the reality of women’s networking experiences in STEM in different geographical and institutional contexts but provides evidence of the effectiveness of specific measures introduced to combat inequality in science and innovation.

Enlightening and provocative, this book introduces key insights and critical questions for researchers of gender inequality in science and innovation. This book will also be vital for researchers and students of entrepreneurship as the need for a firm interrogation of the causes and consequences of gender inequality in business grows.

Contributors: M.C. Agodi, S. Bagchi-Sen, N. Baines, R. Biancheri, N. Buzás, S. Cervia, G. Chapman, L.D. Edmunds, H. Etzkowitz, L. Foss, F. Ghahramani, J.. Gottwald, C. Henry, N. Hewitt-Dundas, S. Huszár, L. Kawano, L.M. Kehl, C. Kemelgor, H. Lawton Smith, J. Le Roux, C. Leggon, R. Lund, P. McGowan, C.L. McNeely, V. Meschitti, L. Messina, A. Micozzi, F. Micozzi, B. O’Gorman, A. O’Neill, M. Panton, I. Picardi, A. Poulovassilis, S. Prónay, P. Rogerson, S. Rosser, K. Seely-Gant, J. Shockro, K. Sohar