Lourdes Gaitán, Yannis Pechtelidis, Catarina Tomás, Natália Fernandes


Editore:Edward Elgar
ISBN:978 1 78990 123 8

Contemporary Challenges and Risks
Southern European Societies series
Lourdes Gaitán, Yannis Pechtelidis, Catarina Tomás, Natália Fernandes
Edited by Lourdes Gaitán, Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence Group (GSIA), Committee of Sociology of Childhood (FES) and Sociedad e Infancias Journal, Spain, Yannis Pechtelidis, University of Thessaly, Greece, Catarina Tomás, Lisbon Polytechnic Institute and Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA), Portugal and Natália Fernandes, University of Minho and Research Centre on Child Studies (CIEC), Portugal

This interdisciplinary book provides a sociological view of the contemporary experiences of children in Southern Europe. Focusing on regions deeply affected by the 2008 economic crisis, it offers a detailed investigation into the impact of economic downturn and austerity on the lives of children.

Established childhood studies and sociology researchers unpack recent changes in the quality of children’s lives and our understanding of children’s rights in the modern world. Focusing first on contemporary changes to children’s forms of living, the book then turns to the prevalence of poverty in Southern Europe, before scrutinising the experiences of migrant and highly mobile children. Illustrating these experiences with key case studies from across Southern Europe, this book presents a powerful critique of the promises and pitfalls of structural changes to children-centred public policy.

This informative book is essential reading for academics and higher-level students of childhood studies. Policy makers and practitioners in education, law, health, social services and children’s rights organizations in need of strong, empirical research into childhood experiences will appreciate the thorough case studies analysed in the book.

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