Vol. 10, N. 3 (2020) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

Pubblicazione del Vol. 10, N. 3 (2020)  della rivista Italian Sociological Review.  

I contributi del Vol. 10, N. 3 (2020): 
1. Debating on Surrogacy. Different Voices on the Goodness of Surrogate Motherhood  
Debora Viviani, Luca Guizzardi  
2. ‘Surrogates All Make that Choice to Help’: Surrogacy in the Neoliberal Reproductive Market  
Zsuzsa Berend  
3. Gift Narratives of US Surrogates  
Corinna Sabrina Guerzoni  
4. What We Talk About When We Talk About Surrogacy. The Symbolic Representations of Surrogate Motherhood among Gays  
Luca Guizzardi  
5. Intrafamilial Surrogacy: Motivations, Imaginary and Current Reality  
Cristina Lonardi  
6. Surrogacy: The Apotheosis of Control  
Debora Viviani  
7. A Biology Commodification and Women Self-determination. Beyond the Surrogacy Ban  
Angela Balzano  

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