Pubblicazione del Vol. 12, N. 1 (2022) – della rivista Italian Sociological Review

I contributi nel Vol. 12, N. 1 (2022):  

1. The Challenge of a Global Sociological Imagination 
Marco Caselli 

2. Converting Digital Capital in Five Key Life Realms
Massimo Ragnedda, Maria Laura Ruiu, Felice Addeo, Angela Delli Paoli

3. Technological Acceleration, Ageing Process and COVID-19. The Role of Scientific Information Between Opportunities and Limits. Results of an Empirical Research in Central Italy
Maurizio Esposito, Iolanda Romualdi

4. Tactics of Altered Consumption: Young People’s Drinking Choices in the Italian Movida 
Franca Beccaria, Sara Rolando, Enrico Petrilli, Luigi Arcieri 

5. Sex-For-Marks Scandals in South-East Nigeria Institutions of Higher Learning, Female Students Victim and the War against Sexual Harassment
Samuel O. Okafor, Elizabeth, O. Okoye, Janefrances C. Onu, Irene C. Kekeocha-Christopher, Elizabeth E. Obiozor, Blessing A. Okechukwu, Ann N. Ogbonna

6. The “Dark Side” of Community Social Work: An Instrument of Control or a Promoter of Citizen Participation? Reflections on the Results of a Research Project
Sergio Cecchi 

7. Designing Inclusive Urban Places
Letizia Carrera

8. The Digitalization of Sound: How the Consumption of Music Changed from Vinyl to Hybrid Experiences
Dario De Notaris, Lello Savonardo

9. Sociology Between Science and Knowledge
Antonio Iannaccone

10. The Sports Narrative: Phenomenology and Deep Structures of Meaning
Domenico Secondulfo

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