Everyday life during Covid-19

The following abstracts are the results of several research activities carried out by a selected group of sociologists belonging to the Medical Sociology Section of the Italian Association of Sociology.
The focus of the scholarship is the everyday life during Covid-19, that is: living conditions of students; illness narratives from Covid patients; intersectionality and Covid-19; the ambiguous effects of smart working; family relationships under the lockdown; new normalities under the lockdown.
The perspectives that drove the research activities are different, though the sociological stance is present in any proposal.
The results were discussed among the members of the group in several occasions and a special attention has been devoted to the practical consequences of the research and the effects on policy actions. In a few words, we hope these small contributions may be consider as ‘droplets’ of public sociology.

Antonio Maturo and Micol Bronzini (Coordinators of the “Everyday life during Covid-19” group)